Understanding White-Collar Crime Understanding White-Collar Crime

Understanding White-Collar Crime :عنوان

نویسنده: Petter Gottschalk

ناشر: Springer - سال انتشار: 2017

قیمت: 660,000 ریال

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This book deals with the topic of white-collar crime and considers the role of convenience in explaining its occurrence. It puts forward convenience as a theoretical explanation that underlies existing theories and research on white-collar crime. Convenience seems present in all three dimensions of crime: economic dimension, organizational dimension, and behavioral dimension. Convenience in white-collar crime implies savings in time and effort by privileged and trusted individuals to solve a problem, where alternatives seem less attractive, and future threats of detection and punishment are minimal. The proposed theory of convenience in white-collar crime emerges as an integrated explanation in need of more theoretical work as well as empirical study. This book presents ideas that are grounded in the existing literature, and these ideas represent a novel perspective: They answer questions that are not adequately explained by the existing literature or provide different answers to “how…?,” “why…?,” and “when…?” questions.

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نویسنده Petter Gottschalk
ناشر Springer
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سال انتشار 2017
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شابک 9781498768870
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