Prisons and prison systems practies,types and challenge Prisons and prison systems practies,types and challenge

Prisons and prison systems practies,types and challenge :عنوان

نویسنده: Johan Fuhrmann، Stefan Baier

ناشر: NOVA - سال انتشار: 2013

قیمت: 3,140,000 ریال

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In this book, the authors’ present current research in the study of the practices, types and challenges in prisons and prison systems. Topics discussed include the Chinese prison system for female offenders; a study of solitary confinement; an exploratory study on child care in prisons; the challenges of re-entry from prison to society; offence paralleling behaviours in incarcerated offenders; women offenders and the criminal justice system; conducting treatment in the prison system and rehabilitation research; violence prevention booster programs and the effects on knowledge; attitude and recidivism; and an assessment of HCV and HIV within correctional institutions. Chapter 1 – This chapter aims to develop an understanding of what constitutes Offence Paralleling Behaviour in a custodial setting, how it relates to current levels of sexual interest and how it may predict risk of future offending. Two groups of men, one group convicted of sexual offences and one not, all located in a prison-based therapeutic community, volunteered to participate in research to help validate a newly developed psychometric measure of current sexual interest. Potential Offence Paralleling Behaviours (OPBs) were considered, with the intention of being able to assess seriousness of such behaviours based on empirically developed risk factors. Examples of such were sought from file information, self-report and staff observations and the Sexual Offence Paralleling Behaviour Checklist, SOPBC developed. It was predicted that that those who had exhibited OPB would score higher on the newly developed Current Sexual Interest Measure. Five cases in each group were explored in more detail in order to examine the relationship between self-reported and exhibited behaviour. In relation to these case studies, preliminary findings indicated that the men are self-reporting their sexual interests on the Current Sexual Interests Measure in a way that is largely consistent with their observed OPBbehavior and as assessed on the SOPBC. It is suggested that it is possible to identify the behaviours highlighted as predictive of risk in the custodial setting, and so more systematic case management plans can be developed.

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موضوع اصلی حقوق تطبیقی
موضوع فرعی حقوق تطبیقی، حقوق کیفری
نویسنده Johan Fuhrmann، Stefan Baier
ناشر NOVA
نوبت چاپ 2
سال انتشار 2013
زبان کتاب انگلیسی
شابک 9781624178511
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