Food Fraud Prevention Food Fraud Prevention

Food Fraud Prevention :عنوان

نویسنده: John W. Spink

ناشر: spring - سال انتشار: 2019

قیمت: 2,000,000 ریال

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This book deals with a crucial matter regarding food. The problem of food fraud, unfortunately, has been with us as long as the history of food trade. The oldest recorded food laws attempt to deter it. In Babylon, you might be thrown into the Euphrates with a millstone around your neck for the adulteration of flour. In the fourth century BC, the Greek Theophrastus reported on the use of food adulterants for economic reasons in Enquiry into Plants. Pliny the Elder in Natural History provides evidence of widespread adulteration, such as bread adulterated with chalk to make it whiter and pepper adulterated with juniper berries in economic fraud. John Spink brings an important perspective to this field. Food lawyers tend to look at food fraud from a legal liability viewpoint. Yet, reputational damage can far exceed the penalties in the laws. Food safety experts tend to approach the topic as health and safety risks. Yet, the clever fraudsters seek economic advantage and may present to health risk. Food scientists see the challenges in standards, detection, and testing. Yet, there can be adulterated food that contains no adulterant. Criminologists see motive and opportunity. Yet, the nature of supply chains can muddle such analysis. To deal with these seeming contradictions, John Spink brings a multidisciplinary approach to the topic.

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نویسنده John W. Spink
ناشر spring
نوبت چاپ 1
سال انتشار 2019
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Regulating food law
Regulating food law

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