A world of struggle A world of struggle

A world of struggle :عنوان

نویسنده: david kennedy

ناشر: Princeton university press - سال انتشار: 2016

قیمت: 930,000 ریال

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I am grateful for the remarkable community of friends and colleagues who have informed me, engaged me, supported me, critiqued me, and loved me in the years this book has been under way. My thanks first to Dan Danielsen for hundreds of breakfast and dinner conversations about every nook and cranny of my argument and more than twenty-five years of intellectual and personal partnership. Had I not met Duncan Kennedy in 1977, I would not have gotten—or kept—a job thinking about law. For almost forty years, we’ve pursued parallel and collaborative play in all kinds of projects: co-teaching, co-organizing, reading one another’s drafts, and strategizing one another’s lives. My ideas about law and everything else in this book have been generated through that collaboration. Many have been enormously generous in reading portions of the manuscript and indulging me in endless conversation about how expertise works, what law is all about, and how the world fits together: particular thanks are due to Guenther Frankenberg, Janet Halley, Sheila Jasanoff, Martti Koskenneimi, Zina Miller, and David Trubek.

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نویسنده david kennedy
ناشر Princeton university press
نوبت چاپ 2
سال انتشار 2016
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شابک 9780691146782
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Flexibility in modern business law
Flexibility in modern business law

Stefan Wrbka

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