Forensic Mental Health Evaluations in the Digital Age Forensic Mental Health Evaluations in the Digital Age

Forensic Mental Health Evaluations in the Digital Age :عنوان

نویسنده: Ashley B. Batastini، Michael J. Vitacco

ناشر: Springer - سال انتشار: 2020

قیمت: 1,010,000 ریال

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Use of the Internet, and social networking sites (SNS) in particular, has steadily increased in the United States and throughout the world. In fact, a 2018 poll from the Pew Research Center showed that 68% of American adults are using SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat (Smith and Anderson 2018), with only a slight increase by 2019 to 69% (Perrin and Anderson 2019). Never before have people been so readily able to communicate their immediate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, or access those of other people. Often SNS users share personal information on these sites several times a day across multiple outlets, creating an in-the-moment electronic footprint on an almost daily (or even hourly) basis. Furthermore, it is becoming commonplace to maintain and make available other types of records and reports via online databases and websites, some of which can be uncovered with a simple Google search (i.e., so-called “Internet stalking”). Information that is merely a few clicks away has clear implications, both direct and indirect, for the practice of forensic mental health. In particular, this information is relevant to forensic practitioners who conduct evaluations of psycho-legal issues for the courts. Currently, there is minimal guidance on how to appropriately use and incorporate Internet-based data into such evaluations.

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نویسنده Ashley B. Batastini، Michael J. Vitacco
ناشر Springer
نوبت چاپ 1
سال انتشار 2020
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شابک 9783030339074
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